Refer a Friend Storage
February 14, 2021

Save on Storage & Refer a Friend to Ming Self Storage

Looking to move to the Philadelphia area soon? Ming Self Storage offers affordable storage units and deals for saving even more. When you refer a friend to us, you each save $50 on your next storage rental. Use that discount to support your move to the city. When the pandemic first started, many people were moving away from the city for a variety of reasons that we break down below. But as people are moving back, Ming Self Storage is here to assist. Call our office to see how we can help you!

Reasons People Moved from the City

  1. High Cost of Living. For those that had other options, like staying with family or friends, it could be hard to justify staying in the city and paying high rent when you no longer have access to a lot of the city. Plus, many people were furloughed or laid off.
  2. Social Restrictions. City mayors played their part in trying to stop the spread of the virus by imposing strict restrictions on closed space occupancy. It makes city living a lot more difficult when you are around many people all the time that you have to stay away from.
  3. Personal Safety. Because it can be challenging to social distance in a city setting, some people moved away purely for their own safety. 

How You Can Save at Ming Self Storage When You Refer a Friend

Your move to Philly does not have to be a stressful one. Ming Self Storage has interior and drive-up storage units in all sizes, and we can set you up with the right amount of space for your belongings. Refer a friend to us, and you can each save $50 on your next storage unit. Get a head start on your packing and moving process by reserving storage on Old Stenton Avenue. See all our available storage units online!

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