Storage Unit Size
August 15, 2021

Storage Unit Size Guide: What Will Fit?

So maybe all this self storage talk is confusing you. If you have never rented storage before, we have resources and experts to help make it easy. Ming Self Storage is your Philadelphia PA destination for affordable self storage. Our affordable interior storage units can protect your items, while our drive-up storage options give you easy loading access to your items. But what can these storage units actually hold? Follow our guide below to better understand what items will fit in different storage unit sizes. 

Storage Unit Size Guide

storage unit size guide

Small Storage Units

When organizing your closets or looking for temporary storage, small storage units are helpful. They start at 5×5 feet, about the size of a walk-in closet. The tiniest of this category will have difficulty holding any mattress size larger than a twin, but small storage units are the most efficient size to pack up a one-bedroom home. Larger sizes in this category can hold bigger mattresses, so just be sure to check dimensions before storing.

Medium Storage Units

When you need to store a 2-3 bedroom apartment or condo, you can find peace of mind with our medium storage units. They do not have as many restrictions as their smaller counterparts, and they start to get big enough to hold vehicles. These storage units can provide overhead protection for your motorcycle, ATV, or similar-sized vehicle. 

Large Storage Units

If you have more than three rooms in your home and want to rent storage to help with your move, one of our largest storage units would be the best call. They can hold your mattresses, furniture sets, couches, tables, and more. You can use our online storage calculator to help you keep track of the items you need to store, as well as how that space would translate into a storage unit size.

Get Storage Unit Size Recommendations

Ming Self Storage professionals are available at our storage facility on Old Stenton Avenue. Come in or call during business hours to ask any questions or get a storage unit size recommendation for the amount of items you are looking to store. Choose from interior and drive-up storage units to house your belongings, and have peace of mind knowing you are storing with our secure storage options. Our storage units are ideal for residential and commercial storage. Talk through your situation with one of our experts to find the best storage space to supplement your Philly home or business.

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