Ongoing Construction Work

11/10/21 – Ongoing road and sidewalk work is temporarily blocking our loading area. It may not be feasible to get large items out of storage units or any U-Haul or Penske trucks for a few weeks.

Ming Self Storage

Neighborhood Friends of Ming Self Storage of Philadelphia PA.

We are excited to be part of your community and to introduce them to our Neighborhood Friends Page. Our page shares the local businesses in your community and their offers and promotions. 

If you would like to be part of our page please contact our manager and they will have you listed below!

Budget Movers

Elvis Dirt Cheap Moving Company

Full Court Moving

Hathaway House Apartments

Helping Hands Movers

Presidential City

Charity StorageMing Self Storage is a proud supporter of Charity Storage. Stop by Ming Self Storage to see how you can help donate.